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V I N T A G E   P O C K E T   D C   V O L T   M E T E R    (1920)
Diameter = 54 mm / 2_1/8"   Hight = 24 mm / 1"    12 V & 120 V DC  

The  INSIDE VIEW (right)  shows the instrument's simplicity.  The
indicated voltage is only a rough guess. The INSCRIPTION  "224_X"
may be year of construction (1922,April) ???
                                                  MAKER = unknown
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R E M A R K S:
I could not resist to buy this  VINTAGE POCKET-VOLT-METER I found
in a Berlin FleaMarket.  It is a memory  from my childhood:  When
I was 5 years old,  I completed  my first engineering project,  a
battery-powered light for my scooter: The 4.5 V Flat-Battery in a
»PRINCE ALBERT« tobacco can  under the board,  cables to the lamp
on front, and cables to the ON/OFF-Switch on the handle-bar!  Our
neighbor,  a retired mining engineer,  was so impressed,  that he
gave me his POCKET-VOLT-METER: "You will have a use for it ... !" 

© C.HAMANN       08/10/16