Inside View - After extensive cleaning !

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Remarks to the Restoration Procedure   +  "How to take out the carriage ?"
 o  Move the carriage to the far left - Turn the machine upside down
 o  Remove the now visible screw from the bottom side of the cariage
 o  Set the machine upright again
 o  Remove the carriage to the right - For the reverse procedure:
    Observe the movable stud on the back side of the carriage!

 o  Now remove the covers to have access to the inner machine:
 o  The inner was covered with a sticky layer of dirt & oil and
    needed extensive cleaning with WD-40 soaked fabric pieces - AND ...
    The WD-40 has to be driven out by application of silicone spray!

 o  The TESTs showed blocking negative turns! Inspection result:
    One of the 10s-Carry-Levers was damaged from its back side by brute
    force and had to be bent back & smoothed - Same with the drum's lever

© C.HAMANN       02/01/15