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The 2 operational modes depend of the left levers, shown below.
Either the pulled columns switch back immediately or stay for
confirmation of the input until the left lever is pressed down.



This historic adding machine (W*D*H = 8 cm * 20.5 cm * 3.5 cm ; 770 g)
came without its box and its stylus.  A STYLUS is home-made of an old
pen and a HOLDER is made of a clippable aluminum strip.

For CLEARING the arithmetic unit,  pull the right wheel  and turn it
counter-clockwise until STOP and than back clockwise until SNAP-BACK. 

The COMPTATOR performs ADDITION.  SUBTRACTION  has to be made as 9-
Complement "Addition".  For DETAILS see  BURROUGHS ...

HISTORICAL REMARKS                    Serial Number = 20066   ( 1920 )
                       adopted from

The ARITHMETIC UNIT are "ToothWheels" on a common axle. They are moved
forward by the toothed column levers pulled down with the stylus.  Two
versions with 9 or 13 columns exist.  Hans Sabielny, Dresden / Germany
improved the »RapidComputer«  made by Adding Maschine, Michigan / USA,
got patents for and let it produce as »COMPTATOR« by Schubert & Salzer
in Chemnitz.  From 1922 he produced it in his own factory in Dresden.

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