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»  S T A R  «  ADDING MACHINE                          SN = 19277
T O D D  PROTECTOGRAPH CO.,  Rochester, NewYork  /  USA  ( 1921 )

Dimensions (W*D*H) = 17 cm * 16,5 cm * 15 cm
                   = 6_3/4" * 6_1/2" * 6"
            Weight = 3.8 kg
                   = 8 lb + 6 oz

This ~100 year old adding machine came in bad shape.  The housing
was bent  & two bronze FIGURE-Columnes in the middle are missing.
Cleaning  & oiling is accessable from bottom only.  Figure-Wheels
can be cleaned, when the Input-Wheels are pulled down - Now there
are open slots accessible.

On top is a HANDLE to carry the machine around. When not used, it
will be folded back (s. Pic. 1) - or folded forward (s. Pic 2) to
block input ...
                    » MACHINE IN USE - DO NOT OPERATE «

INPUT  is operated by pulling down  the appropriate figures.  The
content of the 9-Digit-Register is shown in the  WINDOWS  on top.
To CLEAR it, pull the red lever on the right side.

»STAR« performs ADDITION ONLY.  For SUBTRACTION  the 9-Complement
"Addition" has to be used.  For DETAILS  see the INSTRUCTIONS for
the COMPTOMETER.  The 9 KEYS ON TOP  and the 9 "KEYS" on the very
front have the same function as in the COMPTOMETER: The 10s-Carry
will be suppressed - It save the input of 999...

© C.HAMANN       12/19/17