THE   M A R A B U   PANTOGRAPH  ( = "StochSchnabel" in German Slang )    Model 1
Text of the MARABU flyer:

" The PANTOGRAPH serves to the technical engineer, the designer, the painter,
the map-maker, and similiar professions as an indispensible assistend for
copying, enlarging, and reducing in size: designs, drawing plans, pictures etc.

D I R E C T I O N S   F O R   T H E   U S E   O F   T H E   P A N T O G R A P H
The draftsman press or screws the peg A at the side of the drawing-board. The
appliance is then prepared for double enlargement. If a fourfold enlargement is
desired the two middle-screws have to be placed into their respective holes 4.
Then the plan to be enlarged is placed under the tracer B which is held by the
left hand while the right hand guides the pencile-holder.  In this way an
enlarged copy is produced.  If a plan shall be reduced, the tracer has to be
placed into the side-piece C and the pencil-holder into the side-pice B.  The
procedure is opposite to that used for enlarging. If you want a copy of the same
size as the original you exchange the peg A with the tracer B. "

I hold the receipt in the box: I bought this wooden tool in »KaDeWE« warehouse,
Berlin(West) for 4 DM on 11th November 1956.  I used it to reduce wing-profiles
of famous model airgliders to build smaller models.  I want reductions between
1 and 1/2 - but the instruction was only valid for reductions (enlargements)
less (bigger) than 1/2  -???-  By "trial-and-error" I found out how to do it:

I made the fix-point at B  (and made a BASE not to damage the original plans).
The pen comes in A  (I had to make the lever-hole bigger)  and the
tracer I sat in C.  The following connections could be choosen ...

for Reduction 0.8
Connections at 2_1/4   ===>>   1 + 0.25 = 1.25 ;  1 / 1.25 = 0.8

or Reduction 0.66
Connections at 2_1/2   ===>>   1 + 0.5 = 1.5 ;    1 / 1.5 = 0.66

or Reduction 0.57
Connections at 2_3/4   ===>>   1 + 0.75 = 1.75 ;  1 / 1.75 = 0.57

For Enlargements  1.25  or  1.5  or  1.75
Exchange places of tracer & pen  in A & C

                  Have a look at a "Professional" NESTLER-2490

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