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Model CRN2 has a BACK-TRANSFER Button »R« right on the carriage

Have a look at the TRIUMPHATOR »KA« ADDING MACHINE ...

TECHNICAL  DATA  of the  Mechanical Calculator              TRIUMPHATOR  CRN2

Serial Number:       343477

Dimensions:   (ca.)  Width   =  14_1/2" /  37 cm
                     Depth   =   6_1/4" /  16 cm
                     Height  =   6    " /  15 cm

Weight:       (ca.)  13 lbs  /  6 kg

Mechanics:           Pin-Wheel / Sprossenrad
                     10s Carry Mechanism

Functions:           Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide
                     Back-Transfer / Rueckuebertragung

Registers:           Input       =  10 Decimals
                     Counter     =   8 Decimals
                     Arithmetic  =  13 Decimals
                     Moelkau b. Leipzig
                     East Germany

H O W   T O   U S E   the  TRIUMPHATOR  CRN2
             See Chapter  » TRIUMPHATOR-CRN1 «  ...
             Have a look at "Calculating Trickies" ...

R E M A R K S   T O   R E S T A U R A T I O N :
The  TRIUMPHATOR  came  BLOCKED  in an intermediate state  -  NOTHING WORKED.
 (a) Get access to the inside by removing 10 SCREWS to open the BOTTOM PLATE.
 (b) Remove the  MAIN-COVER  by loosing its 3 SCREWS accessable from  bottom.
 (c) Remove the  INPUT-COVER  by 4 SCREWS,  accessible now from top.
 (d) SEE, THINK  &   S T A R T ...

             Have a look at the TRIUMPHATOR-CN2 RESTORATION ...
The back-right corner of
the case  was  destroyed
and  temporary  fixed by
tape.  With 2-Component-
Glue  and  a stabilizing
metal sheet  it is   now
full functional again.

© C.HAMANN               10/12/11