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     1910     PORTABLE  TYPEWRITERS     P I C T U R E   G A L L E R Y     


SN = 569642
ADLER (1915)
Frankfurt a.M. / Germany
German QWERTZ keyboard
pica 10 cpi; 82 cpl
10 lbs ;   4.6 kg
( case missing )

The ADLER came without cover, dirty & rusty ...
... screws & parts were missing - but after cleaning & tuning ...
... on a new base board, the »FAVORIT« showed its beauty again.

Observe the type font block in the picture from its back side - and
the replacment of the missing "BELL" by a bent rectangular brass-sheet ...

Have a look at the Restoration Procedure ...

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                     based on the book of  W.A.Beeching »Typewriter« (1974)

In 1880 Heinrich Kleyer founded a bicycle manufactory in Frankfurt am Main.
In 1896 he acquired the patent of W.P.Kidder to produce additional »EMPIRE«
typewriters in a factory now named »ADLER WERKE«. He made substantial im-
provements with this "horizontal-push-system" and the company prospered.
In 1909 about 50000 and in 1913 about 100000 »ADLER« typewriters were sold.
In WWII the factory was destroyed - in 1946 new build and the typewriter
production resumed.  In 1954 the 1st »ADLER-ELECTRIC« was made. World-wide
exports made the name »ADLER« sounding. The radio-maker Max GRUNDIG was
share holder of TRIUMPH and bought ADLER WERKE to combine the two to form
TRIUMPH-ADLER. This company produced office machines only. The »TIPPA«
won a »Gold Medal« in Milan in 1960 and was classified as the best flat
portable of the time. A broad palette of different machines were produced -
identical machines under either the name »ADLER« or »TRIUMPH«  (e.g. the
well known office machine »GABRIELE«). In 1968 the TRIUMPH-ADLER was bought
from LITTON / USA and in 1979 LITTON sold the company back to VOLKSWAGEN.
Since 1994 TRIUMPH-ADLER is share-holded by banks and is dealing in all
facets of "Document Business".

         Have a look at the TRIUMPH  »TIPPA«  -  50 years later ...

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