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( Full-Keyboard, ArtDeco / E-Model )

TECHNICAL DATA       of the Electro-Mechanical Printing-Calculator
                     VICTOR   »ArtDeco«                        8/9

Serial Number:       566442        Bakelite Cover

Dimensions:   (ca.)  Width   =   7_1/2 " /  19 cm
                     Depth   =  12_1/2 " /  32 cm
                     Height  =   7     " /  18 cm

Weight:       (ca.)  15_1/2 lbs  /  7 kg

Power Supply:        115 V AC / DC

Mechanics:           8*9 Full-Keyboard
                     Linear Segment Mechanism

                     Black Nylon Ribbon:
                     5/16" * 20'  /  8 mm * 6 m
                     Paper Roll (Standard):
                     2_1/4" * 2_3/4" * 165'  (W * D * L)
                     57 mm  * 65 mm  * 50 m  (B * D * L)

Functions:           Add, Subtract,
                     Repeat, Subtotal, Total

Registers:           Input       =   8 Decimals
                     Arithmetic  =   9 Decimals
                     Printing    =  10 Characters
                     VICTOR Adding Machine Co.
                     Chicago / USA

H O W   T O   U S E   the  VICTOR

Everytime a number is entered and the right bar is pressed, the
motor starts and the number is printed and added to memory.

If a wrong figure is entered in a column, repeat with the right
figure. To clear the keyboard push the brown lever on top.

To enter the same number more than once, set the top-left green
switch to [R] before pressing the bar. The keyboard will not be
cleared after the motor cycle.

Enter the (negative) number into keyboard. Push the top-left green
[-] switch to start the motor cycle.

The cumulated sum will be printed when the top-right green switch
is pushed to [S]. The memory will hold the actual sum.

The total sum will be printed when the top-right green switch is
pulled to [T]. The memory will be cleared after the motor cycle.

A negative result will be printed as the COMLEMENT of the next
higher 10, 100, 1000, ...

Example:   -12 = 999999988


o  Press the axle on both ends and lift the paper roll.
o  If necessary push the upper-right lever behind the rear paper
   slot to release and pull out the paper.
o  Put the axle into the new paper roll so that the paper end
   comes from bottom.
o  Push the upper-right lever to release the paper feeder and push
   the paper end into the rear slot until it can be seen in the
   front window.
o  Place the paper roll into holder by slightly pressing the axle
   on both ends.
o  Tighten the paper roll.
o  Press the bar more times until the paper is easy to grip.
o  Push the upper-right lever and adjust the paper in the window.


(A) Remove the Paper Roll
    <see above>
(B) Remove the Cover
    o  Pull out the Enter-Bar
    o  Pull off the Keyboard-Clear Cap
    o  Shift the two levers under the case foreward.
    o  Lift the cover.
    o  Observe how the ribbon is spooled !!!
     ( on  b o t h  spooles clockwise )
(C) Change the Ribbon
(D) Put Back the Cover
    Perform the steps in reverse order.
(E) Place the Paper Roll
    <see above>

PRINTOUT - Example     with Comments:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   To clear memory:
|          .00 T  |   Pull [T=Total]
|                 |
|                 |                    < Max.Input = 8 decimals > 
|   876,543.21    |   Enter (1st) number, Press bar
|   987,654.32    |   Enter (2nd) number, Press bar
| 1,864,197.53 S  |   Push [S=Subtotal] to print sum
|                 |
|         1.23 -  |   Enter (neg.)number, Push [-] 
| 1,864,196.30 S  |   Push [S] to print cumulated sum
|                 |
|         4.56    |   Set [R=Repeat], Enter number, Press bar
|         4.56    |   Release [R], Press bar 
| 1,864,205.42 T  |   Pull [T] to print total sum 
|                 |                   < Max.Output = 9 decimals >
|                 |   
|          .00 T  |   Memory is clear
|                 |
|        12.00    |   Enter number
|        24.00 -  |   Enter (larger negative) number
| 9,999,988.00 T  |   Negative sum = COMPLEMENT!
|                 |   
                      Have a look at "Calculating Trickies" ...

R E M A R K :    How to get a NEW RIBBON for this old machine  ???
There are cartridges for MATRIX-Printers on the market with 8 mm
NYLON-Ribbons. Check the cartridge before buying because there are
several available with different lengths.  In some cases you can
get 3 spools out of one cartridge!  You will get your fingers
dirty when you do the respooling - but the result is great!

R E M A R K :      How to repair the old crumbled power cable  ???
OLD POWER CABLES are dangerous, because the rubber insulation is
brittle.  To use the unique (female) plug, cut the cable about 1"
and remove the insulation.  Make a "Separator" out of cardboard
and solder a new cable to the wires.  The end "Housing" is made
from a rubber insulator for cookware.  Filling in the remaining
space with component-glue will make a secure insulation.


    Have a look at the  HOME-MADE POWER PLUG  for 220 VAC ...

PS.:   The Picture on the 5 US$ Note is Abraham Lincoln

© C.HAMANN        02/16/07