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LAB - DC - MULTIMETER   »  μA - M U L T I Z E T «   SIEMENS & HALSKE  (1960)
Class 1:  300 mV ..1000 V ;  20 μA ..10 A ;  x1 Ω ..x1000 Ω  < 50000 Ω / V >
                                                             < Ri(I) ~ 5kΩ >
1.5 Volt Battery    <  REMARK:  1/2 of a  3 Volt,   eg. VARTA DUPLEX 3010  >
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Press the BUTTON on the left side and adjusting the  ZERO-OHM  on the right.

R E M A R K S   T O   R E S T O R A T I O N :
This Multimeter came in bad shape: Dirty, glass loose, case-edges broken and
not woking.  After soldering  disconnected wires, there was a surprise:  The
Volt- & Amp- Ranges are extreme precise!  But the Ohm-Ranges were off. There
was a broken resistor and a bad one.  Both replaced (by trial-&-error) until
good results were accomplished.


To repair the broken case, inner forms were made of aluminum strips, hold in
place by  chewing gum. Tapes made the outer forms. Than 2-Component-Glue was
filled in between ...


After hardening, the final form was filed out ...


... and finally painted with black marker. The glass was fixed & sealed with
a frame of cardboard. The damaged plugs were replaced by  RED  & BLUE  ones.

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