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Dim. ( W x H x D )  5_1/2" x 6" x 3_3/8"  /  14 cm x 15 cm x 8.5 cm

Portable  » DC VOLT METER «  150 V ( 16983 Ω )  / 300 V ( 33966 Ω )  
made by   JEWELL ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT CO.,  Chicago  /  USA (1920)

Historical Remark:
The JEWELL company was founded in the late 1800s  and was bought by
WESTON ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENTS Co. in 1928.  It is perhaps linked to
the company now called JEWELL INSTRUMENTS.

R E M A R K S   T O   R E S T O R A T I O N :
The meter came with rattling glass  and crumbled red glue pieces on
its scale.  Discovery after disassembling:  (1st) Double-Glass with
discolored & cracked cellophane in between; the inner glass broken.
After removing all dirt,  a frame of black card-board  was made  to
seal the ( one ) cleaned glass  and fixed with its original clamps.
(2nd) A redish bakelit frame between the case-parts  had detoriated
rubber seals.  After breaking away the rubbish, cotton threads were
layed in  and sucked with VASELINE to made it "weather-proof".  The
grip, treated with  COACH » LEATHER MOISTURIZER « , got fine again.

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