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R E M A R K S :                              PHYWE / Germany (1960)
This SCHOOL-DEMO-MODEL of a  GENERATOR / MOTOR was found damaged in
Berlin's Flea Market. Only a  "COMMUTATOR"  was on its axle to show 
+/- pulses  depending  how the magnet is installed  ( top = red  or
green) or how the crank is turned (clockwise or counter-clockwise).

I added 2 RINGS with 2 CONTACTS beside the commutator together with
2 ( yellow ) PLUGS to show the  "real" AC-GENERATION.  So important
didactically !!! I can not understand why it was not made by PHYWE.

When  DC POWER  is connected to the commutator contacts,  the model
works as a MOTOR ( w. a push ) you get aware of other DESIGN FLAWS:

 o  The motor needs 12 Volt / 1 Ampere to run
 o  The generator makes only 100 mV  - Not enough to drive a lamp !

It would be more interesting (= LAMP) & useful (= low MOTOR-POWER),
if  PHYWE  had made the spool with more windings of a thinner wire.
( May be I should exchange this too, one day ... )

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