Restoration Procedure

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The ADDO  MULTO-13  came blocked. Someone had tried to "repair" and failed:
The 3 levers of the carriage were not in place -  The carriage's register
clearing was not synchronized ( it needs two pulls instead of one !) - The
BACK-TRANSFER INDICATOR had no function, because a spring was missing  -
And the "Counter-Finger" was bent ( It made noise in addition mode and in
subtraction mode it jumped 2-figures !)

My experiences "How to Start" ...

Flip the MULTO around. Under the carriage, right, lift the spring from its
post, fix it with a big paper clip on the twin-lever. Flip the MULTO back.
Remove the top-cover with 6 screws. Remove the bar in front of the carriage
with its 3 screws. Pull-out the carriage to the front.

Look at the bottom of the MULTO-13: Make sure, that the lever in the middle
is under its holder & forced by its spring! Remove the cover of the carriage.


Bring the carriage back in its "1" position: FLIP the MULTO !!! In this way
the 3 levers on the back side of the carriage are in their right position.
Hold the carriage and turn the MULTO upright again.  Use "Common Sense"  &
observe that the 3 levers are in place. ( See the detailed picture below !)
Replace the bar with the 3 screws, place the spring back on the carriage's
post. Make sure that all is OK ... Replace the covers in reverse order.



The (1st) picture shows the right positions of the three levers: The left
"grips" and the middle "touches" the top bar; the right "touch" the lower
bar.  The (2nd) picture shows (a) the added spring for the BACK-TRANSFER
INDICATOR - and (b) the gears for clearing the carriage's registers.  To
synchronize, the small tooth-wheel had to be shift right  ( against the
spring's force ), moved one tooth forward and released back in position.

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