H O W   T O   R E M O V E   T H E   C O V E R :
 (1)  Remove the paper roll by unscrew its axle.
 (2)  Remove the 2 screws on front.
 (3)  Remove the 1st (visible/left) screw of the printing unit.
 (4)  Remove the 2 screws on the (right) cover of the printing unit;
 (5)  shift the cover to the right.
 (6)  Now the 2nd screw of the printing unit can be removed.
 (7)  Lift the printing unit. (Observe the gears connection !)
 (8)  Pull the [+] & [-] keys.
 (9)  Lift the cover of the machine.

R E M A R K S   T O   R E S T O R A T I O N   &   M A I N T E N A N C E
The motor axle has an 8-32 thread - Can be used for MANUAL OPERATION with a
"TEST-CRANK". A home-made CLIP was made to hold the paper roll in place ...


        ... See the  CLASS-8  picture how its ORIGINAL PAPER HOLDER looks !

If the machine's bottom has to take off, there is a PROBLEM: The 4 SCREWS
are THIN and have an extrem SHALLOW SLOT.  Take a PLIERS (like in picture)
and grap its TOPS on its circumference and turn horizontally ...

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