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KUCKUCKSUHR / CUCKOO CLOCK    REGULA, Schwarzwald / Germany  (1950)
Width = 20 cm / 8" ;    Height = 30 cm / 12";    Depth = 15 cm / 6"

The Cuckoo Clock has to be "wound-up" EVERY DAY by lifting weights.
It calls ones every HALF-HOUR and "counts" the FULL HOURS ...

... The DOOR opens and the CUCKOO looks out: At every count it bent
down, opens his mouth  and CALLS.  At the same time  the TWO  BIRDS
under the clock's face  are "feeding" their babies in the nest with
every cuckoo-count.

"HOW THE SOUND IS MADE ?" -  By two flutes, feeded by two bellows !

KUCKUCKS UHREN / CUCKOO CLOCKS  are a typical Souvenir from Germany
representing "Gemuetlichkeit" on the warm fire place in cold winter
days with a glass of "Gluehwein" ...

© C.HAMANN    11/11/11