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JEFFERSON   » Golden Hour «   Electric/Synchron Clock
W = 7_1/2 " / 19 cm ;   H = 9 " / 23 cm ;   D = 4_1/2 " / 11 cm

JEFFERSON ELECTRIC COMPANY, Bellwood, Illinois / USA             (1950)
115 VAC / 60 Hz  gold plated ;  with fluorescent Radium Hands & Figures

This  "ArtDeco"  clock,  is  a  " M Y S T E R Y ",  because  no driving
force can be seen.  To unveil its  "SECRET",  look behind ...


... A GLASS  IN A  GEAR-RING ( hidden in the golden ring )  is revolved
( 1 turn per hour ) by a  SYNCHRONE MOTOR in the base.  Attached to the
glass is the MINUTE HAND ON FRONT. On the BACK SIDE of the central axle
is a GEAR ( with a WEIGHT ) what drives the HOUR HAND.

H I S T O R I C A L   R E M A R K S :
The  JEFFERSON ELECTRIC CO.  was founded 1915 in Chicago  and was named
after President Thomas Jefferson,  who was also an inventor.  JEFFERSON
bought the  original patent  of  the  "Mystery Clock"  from  the  Dutch
clockmaker, Leendert Prins. Starting in 1949, the  » Golden Hour «  was
manufactured for 41 years until 1990.

A lot more is to find in Roger Russell's History Page ...

R E M A R K :                          N I G H T - L I G H T  C L O C K


... Placed a  "DoubleColor"-LED  on the back side over the cable, wired
in series to the motor, creates a beautiful NIGHT-LIGHT CLOCK:  Time is
readable against the yellowish illuminated white wall.

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