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           It is now   =   13:50   in  SanFrancisco
                       =   22:50   in  Berlin

S E I K O   W O R L D   T I M E   C L O C K   » QUARTZ «    (1970)
( 22 cm x 22 cm )                             SEIKO, Tokyo / Japan 

The world map is shown in "North Polar Projection".  Together with
the RING of WORLD CITIES it can be turned, that  H O M E  TOWN  is
ON TOP.  The 24 HOUR RING shows the time in WORLD CITIES with  DAY
& NIGHT. The 12 HOUR FACE shows  L O C A L  T I M E  - An AIRPLANE
is circeling the globe, showing  the SECONDS. The QUARTZ TIME BASE
is battery powered.


© C.HAMANN   06/12/14