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Yet another
w. TAKANE ClockWork

           It is now   =   11:22   in  SanFrancisco
                       =   20:22   in  Berlin

T A K A N E   W O R L D   T I M E   C L O C K   » QUARTZ «  (1980)
( Diameter = 18 cm / 7" )                            Made in Japan 

The clock  has a  heavy die-cast brass  housing.  The world map is
shown in "North Pol Projection".  GMT is ON TOP.  The 24 HOUR RING
shows the time in WORLD CITIES with  DAY & NIGHT. The 12 HOUR FACE 
shows the LOCAL TIME.  The  QUARTZ TIME BASE  is  battery powered.

© C.HAMANN   02/18/15