The KOMET came dirty, blocked and obvious tortured:
Keys were pressed in and levers bent under the keyboard.
"1stAID": KEYS removed & LEVERS re-bent; CLEANED;
Missing SPRINGS replaced & weak springs exchanged;
... & OILED ...

... TOP & BOTTOM ...

A broken RESET-SPRING in the middle INSIDE the keyboard
is replaced by a new one OUTSIDE ...

... Adjusting the INPUT-DISPLAYS are difficult!
Suggestion: Averaged when set to 555,555.55

Washing the keys with
warm water had a
B A D   E F F E C T:
The keys expanded a
"clowdy" surface
But lucky:
It could be filed away
and now the keys are
sealed with shoeshine.

R E M A R K S :
The KOMET's design is questionable! It is a miss-match of "brute-force" and
fragile sensors.  Whenever a LOCKING happens, it results in some damage and
wrong behaviour - E.G.: Input "00000000"  ==???==>>  Adding "010000010" ...
... Solved (06/2016) after hours of frustrating experiments in fine-tuning.

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