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ARISTO   POCKET - DARMSTADT   ( 12.5 cm Scales )

ARISTO-Werke Dennert & Pape, Hamburg / Germany       (1966)

S C A L E S  of the  ARISTO  »POCKET-DARMSTADT«  Model 867U
Front Side           [ inverse / RED ]            Back Side
                                                VERSION (B)
[ 0 ...  15 cm Ruler ]

K        X3
A        X2
B        X2                              L       lgX
[BI]     [1/X2]                          LL1     exp(0.01X)
[CI]     [1/X]                           LL2     exp(0.1X)
C        X                               LL3     exp(X)
D        X
[P]      [sqrt(1 - (0.1X)2)]
S        sin(0.1X)
T        tan(0.1X)

[ 0  ...   6"  Ruler ]

R E M A R K S :    There are 2 Versions in this Collection:
Vers.(B)    Production Code = HFF52 = Hamburg, 1966, Lot 52

The slide rule is mounted on an acrylic ruler body. It came
in a cardboard box together with the 2-sided instruction in
English. Ref. to the print on the back side, this Pocket SR
was a gift from a   DAVISON CATALYSTS   company.

The OLDER VERSION (A) has NO Production Code ...
The ARISTO-Logo is different, the Scales have Math.Symlols,
and the Inch Ruler is fractioned. It came in a leather case

                Historical Remarks ...
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