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( 1 5/8" / 42 mm   Diameter )
... The Pilot's WristWatch with a SlideRule ...

  La Chaux-de-Fonds


  Since 1952
  many Versions
  are released ...

e.g.  Model »A13022«   Limited Edition   »SNOWBIRDS«   (1996)
( The »SNOWBIRDS« are a Canadian Aerobatics Jet Team )
The Beauty from the 1993-2003 Generation  » OLD NAVITIMER II «
Automatic mechanical MOVEMENT  Breitling 13 / Valjoux 7750

The BREITLING is full mechanical and selfwinding by the movement of
the forearm.  It is a CHRONOMETER with  STOP WATCH  & DATE DISPLAY.

In addition to using the  SLIDE RULE for multiplication & division,
it is a "NAVIGATION COMPUTER".  Pilots may perform all calculations
a flight plan requires:  Ground speed,  miles per minute,  gasoline
consumption,  rate or distance  of climb or decent  and  conversion
of nautical and statute miles.                                     

BUT:  In most cases the Co-Pilot has to hold the Magnifying Glass &
      the FlashLight when the Pilot adjust the SlideRule ...       

Same as with the "Daily Version", a "NAVITIMER" made by CITIZEN ...

R E M A R K S to the » FLYING JENNY « MODEL ... =================================================================== ... made (1988) out of BUDWEISER CANS ... impressum: ******************************************************************* © C.HAMANN 04/01/10