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FABER-CASTELL   RIETZ   ( 25 cm Scales )
with a build-in ADDIATOR on its back side

A.W.Faber-Castell, Stein bei Nuernberg / Germany      (1973)

SCALES  of the  FABER-CASTELL   » RIETZ «    Model  111/87 A
Front Side        [ inverse / RED ]                Back Side
( 0 ...  27 cm Ruler )

K        X3
A        X2
B        X2                   S      sin(0.1X) ; [cos(0.1X)]
[CI]     [1/X]                ST     arc(0.01X)
C        X                    T      tan(0.1X) ; [cot(0.1X)]
D        X
L        lgX

R E M A R K S :                   (  1° = 60' ;   1' = 60" )

"MouseOver" the slide rule's CURSOR to get detailed views
of the slide rule - and "MouseOver" the ADDIATOR in the
picture below to get also a detailed view of the ADDIATOR:
This version shows  t r u e  negative results!

This slide rule came in a green leather case (w.zipper).
Inside is a place for the STYLUS to operate the build-in
ADDIATOR on the back side: For FIGURE-INPUT is its thinner
end and the thicker end for RESET the ADDIATOR to zero. The
booklet has an instruction added how to use the build-in
ADDIATOR. On the upper end of the ADDIATOR are mathematical
constants and an inch-to-decimal conversion table printed
and on its lower end are formulas and US/Metric conversions.

Historical Remarks ...

                          Production Code = 2 73 = Feb. 1973
************************************************************           08/24/07