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FABER-CASTELL   DUPLEX   ( 25 cm Scales )
Have a look at an Older Version (A)

A.W.Faber-Castell, Stein bei Nuernberg / Germany   (1964)
                                              VERSION (B)

S C A L E S  of the FABER-CASTELL  » DUPLEX «  Model 2/82
Front Side              [ inverse / RED ]       Back Side

L      lgX                         [LL03]   [exp(-X)]
T1     tan(0.1X) ; [cot(0.1X)]     [LL02]   [exp(-0.1X)]
T2     tan(X) ; [cot(X)]           [LL01]   [exp(-0.01X)]
A      X2                           K        X3
B      X2                           K'       X3
[BI]   [100/X2]                     C        X
[CI]   [10/X]                       [CIF]    [10/πX]
C      X                            CF       πX
D      X                            DF       πX
ST     arc(0.01X)                   LL1      exp(0.01X)
S      sin(0.1X) ; [cos(0.1X)]      LL2      exp(0.1X)
[P]    [sqrt(1 - (0.1X)2)]          LL3      exp(X)

R E M A R K S :  There are 2 Model 2/82 in the Collection

Newer Version (B)
Production Code = 1_??

The slide rule has scales in other sequence and NO RULERS
on its body.  It is shielded in an acrylic box.  It came
with an instruction booklet and a separate ruler with
physical constants and conversion factors in the box.

Older Version (A)
Production Code = 10_??
This slide rule came in a green cardboard case.

                  Historical Remarks ...
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