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( 25 cm with 50 cm Scales W1/W1' & W2/W2' )

A.W.Faber-Castell, Stein bei Nuernberg / Germany      (1970)
                                                 VERSION (B)

SCALES  of the  FABER-CASTELL  » NOVO-DUPLEX «    Model 2/83
Front Side            [ inverse / RED ]            Back Side

K      X3                             [LL03]   [exp(-X)]
T1     tan(0.1X) ; [cot(0.1X)]        [LL02]   [exp(-0.1X)]
T2     tan(X) ; [cot(X)]              [LL01]   [exp(-0.01X)]
DF     πX                             W2       sqrt(10X)
CF     πX                             W2'      sqrt(10X)
[CIF]  [1/πX]                         L        lg(X)/2
[CI]   [1/X]                          C        X
C      X                              W1'      sqrt(X)
D      X                              W1       sqrt(X)
S      sin(0.1X) ; [cos(0.1X)]        LL1      exp(0.01X)
ST     arc(0.01X)                     LL2      exp(0.1X)
[P]    [sqrt(1 - (0.1X)2)]            LL3      exp(X)

R E M A R K S :       Production Code = 10 70 = October 1970
Because the scales W1/W1' start at 1 and end at sqrt(10)
    and the scales W2/W2' start at sqrt(10) and end at 10
the 25 cm NOVO-DUPLEX has the PRECISION of a 50 cm SlideRule

The slide rules is shielded in an acrylic box.  A ruler with
physical constants and conversion factors belongs to the set
together with an instruction booklet.

There is an older Version (A) in the Collection
             Production Code = 6_63 = June 1963

 o  On Front the Scales ST & S are switched
 o  There are no Rubber Feet on the Side Bars
 o  The Cursor looks different
 o  The Slide Rule came in an Acrylic Case 


Historical Remarks ...

Compare the SCALE DESIGN with
    the »WICHMANN-1417« ( made by A.N. = Albert Nestler),
    the POST-1442 » Dual 10"/5" POCKET-SR « and

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