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MANTISSA - RECORD   ( 25 cm Scales )

VEB MANTISSA, Dresden / (GDR) Germany               (1965)

S C A L E S   of  the  MANTISSA   » RECORD «    Nr.1731421
Front Side         [ inverse / RED ]             Back Side
                                     ( 0 .. 25 cm  Ruler )
[P]      [sqrt(1 - (0.1X)2)]
S        sin(0.1X)                    L         lgX
ST       arc(0.01X)                   K         X3
DF       πX                           A         X2
CF       πX                           B         X2
[CIF]    [1/πX]
[CI]     [1/X]                        [CI]      [1/X]
C        X                            C         X
D        X                            D         X
T1       tan(0.1X)                    LL1       exp(0.01X)
T2       tan(X)                       LL2       exp(0.1X)
[DI]     [1/X]                        LL3       exp(X)

R E M A R K S : 
The slide rule came in a blue plastic case with a booklet.

Observe the » MEISSNER « in the headline of the booklet:
The same model was previously under the logo  » MEISSNER «
on the market ...

Historical Remarks ...

Unfortunately this slide rule was found in a flea-market
with broken cursor windows.  Replacements were made of PVC
from CD cases:  The hairlines are made (precise!) with a
sharp  » X-ACTO «  and colored with permanent markers.
"MouseOver" the cursor in the picture above to get a

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