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( 25 cm Scales )

Albert Nestler, Lahr in Baden / Germany               (1967)

SCALES  of the  NESTLER   » MULTIMATH-DUPLEX «    Model 0292
Front Side          [ inverse / RED ]              Back Side

[LL00]    [exp(-0.001X)]      [P]     [sqrt(1 - (0.1X)2)]
[LL01]    [exp(-0.01X)]       S       sin(0.1X); [cos(0.1X)]
[LL02]    [exp(-0.1X)]        T1      tan(0.1X); [cot(0.1X)]
[LL03]    [exp(-X)]           T2      tan(X); [cot(X)]
DF        πX                  A       X2
CF        πX                  B       X2
[CIF]     [1/πX]              K       X3
[CI]      [1/X]               [CI]    [1/X]
C         X                   C       X
D         X                   D       X
R1        sqrt(X)             LL3     exp(X)
R2        sqrt(10X)           LL2     exp(0.1X)
L         lg(X)/2             LL1     exp(0.01X)
ST        arc(0.01X)          LL0     exp(0.001X)

R E M A R K S :           Production Code = 367 = March 1967
This "Top-Of-The-Line" SR came in a dark brown leather case.

Because BAD DESIGN of the CURSOR ( there is space under the
screw platforms ) the tensions have damaged the ACRYLICS ... 


... The solution: Now ALUMINUM COVERS take the screw forces.

                   Historical Remarks ...
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