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PICKETT   N-500-ES   ( 10" / 25 cm Scales )
Have a look at the White Version

PICKETT, Alhambra, California / USA                     (1962)

S C A L E S  of the  » ALL METAL HI LOG LOG «   Model N-500-ES
Front Side            [ inverse / RED ]              Back Side

+LL1     exp(0.01X)                      +LL2     exp(0.1X)
[-LL1]   [exp(-0.01X)]                   [-LL2]   [exp(-0.1X)]
A        X2                              DF       πX
B        X2                              CF       πX
T        tan(0.1X) ; [cot(0.1X)]         [CIF]    [1/πX]
ST       arc(0.01X)                      L        lgX
S        sin(0.1X) ; [cos(0.1X)]         [CI]     [1/X]
C        X                               C        X
D        X                               D        X
[DI]     [1/X]                           +LL3     exp(X)
K        X3                              [-LL3]   [exp(-X)]

This model is made of aluminum. It came in a box with manual,
and a leather case, which can be clipped on the user's belt -
typical for the USA: As seen in the "Western Movies" ready for
a "quick draw".

This slide rule has the typical "Pickett-Yellow" body: The
"-ES"-Ext. in the model-number means "Eye-Saver"; Models with
"-T"-Ext. (for "Traditional") have a white body.

The label on the box says: "3 moon flights; Pickett rules have
been aboard 3 Apollo missions; Proof of Pickett precision!"

                   Historical Remarks ...
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