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(   4"  /  10 cm  Diameter )

PIPER AIRCRAFT CO., Lakeland, Florida / USA                 (1970)
         The   F L I G H T   C O M P U T E R   is made of aluminum
Nearly identical to the SANDERSON »SC-3B« Flight Computer ...

1st picture = CALCULATOR SIDE of the Flight Computer:
The calculator of the computer consists of a special CIRCULAR
SLIDE RULE with 10..100 scales for multiplication and division.
The associated third scale is calibrated in HOURS and MINUTES.
The ALTITUDE computations and the AIR SPEED computations refer
to the AIR TEMPERATURE (in centigrade).

2nd picture = WIND SIDE of the Flight Computer:
The wind side of the computer consists of a rotating azimuth and
a rectangular grid that slides up and down through the azimuth.
The sliding grid has two sides, a low speed and a high speed side.
The azimuth circle rotates freely and is graduated into 360°.
The transparent portion is frosted so that it can be written on
with a pencil.
                     Historical Remarks ...
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