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REISS - RIETZ   ( 25 cm Scales )
Have a look at an Older Version (A)

REISS, Bad Liebenwerda / (GDR) Germany                   (1975)
                                                    VERSION (B)

S C A L E S   of  the   R E I S S   LIGHT METAL   » R I E T Z «
Front Side            [ inverse / RED ]               Back Side
( 0 ...  28 cm Ruler )

K       X3
A       X2
B       X2                           S    sin(0.1X)
[CI]    [1/X]                        ST   arc(0.01X)
C       X                            T    tan(0.1X) ; cot(0.1X)
D       X
L       lgX

R E M A R K S :                      (  1° = 60' ;   1' = 60" )

There are 2 VERSIONS  »RIETZ«  in the Collection
Both beautiful aluminum slide rules came in plastic cases.

This newer version is made different:  A 28-CENTIMETER-RULER is
attached with screws - May be exchangeable with other rulers?
Instead of glued blocks under the scales, now the scales are
embedded in the metal BODY ENDS and fixed with four metal pins.
The inscription  »RIETZ«  is missing.  On the back side are
marks on the right side instead of an acrylic hairline - but on
the left side is an acrylic hairline added. The SLIDER ENDS are
splitted (? adjustment in case of less friction ?)

There was another version found with an orig. MEISSNER CURSOR:
Possible, that the cursor was exchanged from the last user ...

Historical Remarks ...

A BLIND PRINT is on both back sides  over the acrylic hairline:
                                                (1) 37/350/1000
***************************************************************              09/10/09