A  Snapshot  of  the  Restoration  Procedure ...

» DELUXE CHROME BELL «  PACE Mfg. Chicago, Illinois / USA    (1946)
We got this beauty  in the 2009 EXPO Antique Market in Portland, OR
to a reasonable price,  because the machine  was not working right.
Lucky we were, we found in POWELL's ( the world lagest ?) BOOK SHOP
the  » PARTS LIST and SERVICE MANUAL «  of this  PACE  SlotMachine:

Over INTERNET  we found the excellent help for the job ahead of us:

   D.L.Mead & D.R.Mead / Mead Publishing, LasVegas, Nevada / USA
   » Owner's Pictorial Guide ... of the Pace Bell Slot Machine «

After hours of cleaning, repair & oiling, the main work was TUNING:
E.G.:  PAYOUT ERRORS  resulted from the wrong  COORDINATION  of the
SENSOR blocked randomly the Escalator turns.  Adjusting  BUTTERFLY-
SHEETS in the  JackPot  COIN CHUTE  so, that coins can pass  or get
locked - BUT NOT  GET CLOGGED.  The  JackPot  MECHANISM has to have
space enough to open,  but  be narrow enough to get closed & locked
again by the returning payout slides  ...  A.S.O.

This old PACE »BELL« SlotMachine  is an amazing engineering marvel:
The more one goes into the details the more one admires the design!

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