... The picture shows the Arithmetic Unit half-way moved backward.

May be this Adding Machine came out of a waste container:  Full of
dirt, partly rusty, with a broken lever and missing springs - but
it was working  ( at the first sight ) ...

After hours of cleaning & oiling, restauration was straight-foreward:
The BROKEN LEVER ( in foreground ) is replaced by a home-made BRASS
one together with its spring - it works with the RESET WHEEL / AXLE
for the ARITHMETIC UNIT.  The 2nd MISSING SPRING  ( in background )
was for holding the INPUT-RESET / -REPEAT LEVER in place and is home-
made too.  The RUBBER FEET  have lost their elasticity and its metal
posts have touched the floor.  Because all 4 are fixed with rivets,
the  "Scratch-Problem"  was solved by LEATHER PATCHES glued under.

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© C.HAMANN     06/07/10