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» FF 63 M «

F I E L D   T E L E P H O N E S   » FF 63 M « (1963) GDR (East-)Germany
=R=F=T=  /  VEB Funkwerk Koelleda               Z.-Nr. 2033.013-00002 B

These handy  BAKELITE  FIELD TELEPHONES  were used in the  GDR's  »NVA«
( = "Nationale Volks Armee" ) - Now a peaceful & interesting children's
toy to entertain a birthday crowd:  Both stations can be connected over
a  50 m dual-wire line.  Cranking on one station  let the bell chime on
the other station.  Battery powered  ( 5 x 1.5 V  »AA« cells in a box )
communication is excellent via transistorized amplifiers. For transport
the handset  is stored inside  and  the crank  get folded.  Remarkable:
Receiver  &  transmitter  capsules  are  electro-dynamic  and  made  as
e x c h a n g e a b l e   devices!   

                   Historical Remarks ...

=R=F=T=  (= "Rundfunk- u. Fernmelde-Technik")  was the  L O G O  of the
association  of different manufacturers  in the field of  communication
technology in former ( East- ) "German Democratic Republic" (= GDR ).

R E M A R K S   T O   R E S T O R A T I O N :
When you find these telephones in a flea-market, don't expect they will
work!  I got a set of  3  and was lucky to make  2  workable out of it.
Have a special look inside: Very possible you will find a lot of damage
from leaking batteries, broken case, broken handset, broken cable, dead
amplifier, detoriated battery-box, detoriated contacts, lost screws ...
You need spare parts and some knowledge to be successful  -  GOOD LUCK!

A look inside ( after cleaning and repair ) ...


Detail: Microphone Amplifier ...


                   ... Transistor T1 was defect and had to be replaced.

The whole WIRE DIAGRAM (= Schaltplan/Stromlaufplan ) of the FF 63 M ...


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