M O R S E - T R A I N E R
(= Code Practice Oscillator = CPO )
From a discussion with  OM Curt Kolovson (W6RQ),  who wants to use his
» TG-5-B «  as a MORSE-TRAINER,  we came to the following SOLUTION ...

 o  No [BA-2] Line-Battery
 o  No [2BA-30] Local 2 x 1.5 Volt Batteries ...
    Instead connect a 6 Volt (= 4 x AAA ) PACKAGE to Ports (+) & (-3)

 o  Make the CONNECTION  (L2) =!!!= (-3)  Ports
 o  Hit the MORSE-KEY ........... and
    set RECEIVER-RELAY appropriate ...
    until the  B E E E P s  are clear and separated

This configuration let the MORSE-KEY be in loop with the RECEIVER-RELAY
and the 6 VOLT PACKAGE. When the MORSE-KEY is hit,  the CONTACTS of the
RECEIVER-RELAY are activated  and the BELL chimes ( or a "BEEEP" can be
heared in the connected HEADPHONES instead ).

R E M A R K S   T O   M A I N T E N A N C E   I F   N E C E S S A R Y : 
 o  Clean CONTACTS of RECEIVER-RELAY with a strip of fine sandpaper
 o  Wiggle CENTRAL CONTACT: Its position is critical !!!

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