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     1910     PORTABLE  TYPEWRITERS     P I C T U R E   G A L L E R Y     

The MIGNON came without cover, dirty & rusty and didn't work

SN = 197332
AEG (1910)
Berlin / Germany
Pointer Selection
pica 10 cpi; 80 cpl
W * D * H =
13" * 10" * 6"
33 cm * 25 cm * 15 cm
15_1/2 lbs ;   7 kg

H O W   T H E   » M I G N O N «   T Y P E W R I T E R   W O R K S
A rectangular (spheric-bent) INDEX shows all the AVAILABLE FONTS of the
mounted FONT-CYLINDER. The typist SELECTS THE CHARACTER by (1st) placing
the POINTER over it using the thumb & forefinger of the left hand.
This turn & shift the font-cylinder to its desired position - AND
(2nd) PRESSES THE PRINT-KEY with the forefinger of the right hand.
There are a SPACE-KEY and a BACKSPACE-KEY available.

Because its simple mechanics, the »MIGNON« was a low-cost typewriter
everyone could afford to write "perfect" business letters. The machine
was a big success:   INDEX & FONT-CYLINDER are exchangeable  and
a lot of alternative alphabets, scripts & symbols were available ...

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( 85 years later ) ...

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