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R E M A R K S   TO   R E S T O R A T I O N  ...
What is the purpose of the right "Top-Ear" ???   ...   Answer:  Mount a PENCIL ...
TO DRAW LINES: In (FIG)-Mode swing the PENCIL down and move the carriage!

The typewriter came with a  DRIED-OUT RIBBON.  Because the  SPOOLS ARE SPECIAL,  a
conventional black ribbon had to be re-spooled on the OLIVER-CENTERS ...


This  OLIVER-9  was not used for years.  After  CLEANING & OILING  a lot more had
to be done to bring this "Treasure" back to life, eg.:
The CARRIAGE is easy to remove to the left by pressing the (RIGHT)-Key at the end.
The "RETURN-SPRING" will get caught (= good !).  The  CARRIAGE CYLINDER  had to be
smoothed - and so the  PAPER-PRESSURE CYLINDERS.  The  BACK-STEP FUNCTION  was not
working:  A  limiting lever  had to be bent back. The PAPER ALIGN was not working:
Springs had to be adjusted.  RIBBON-SPOOLING was not working ...  AND-SO-ON ...

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