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     1940     PORTABLE  TYPEWRITERS     P I C T U R E   G A L L E R Y     


SN = 0-523733
ROYAL (1940)
New York / USA
US QWERTY keyboard
pica 10 cpi; 85 cpl
black/red ribbon
w. hard case
14_1/2 lbs ;   6.6 kg

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                      based on the text of Richard Milton's HomePage:

The ROYAL company was founded 1906 in New York by financier Th.F.Ryan
and the typewriter inventor E.B.Hess ...
" ... Royal's flamboyant president, George Ed Smith, decided that the
most spectacular way of getting the new machines from the factory in
Hartford to the nationwide network of 2,100 dealers set up to sell
portables, was by air - then a revolutionary idea.  He bought a Ford
Tri-motor plane and announced to his horrified factory staff that
they were going to parachute the portable machines to dealers.  A
total of 11,000  portables were parachuted all over America with
nervous Royal engineers standing by in the drop zones typewriter to
unpackage the machines and make sure they still worked.  Amazingly,
claimed the company, only half a dozen of the 11,000 machines were
damaged -- through landing on their  corners -- thus achieving just
the effect that Smith wanted to have on the buying public. The Royal
Portable was so tough it would stand anything ... "

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