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     1970     PORTABLE  TYPEWRITERS     P I C T U R E   G A L L E R Y     


SN = -???-
Nuernberg / Germany
German QWERTZ keyboard
pica 10 cpi; 85 cpl
black/red ribbon
free setting tabs
w. hard-plastic case
17_3/4 lbs ;   8 kg

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HISTORICAL REMARKS:                            
In 1896 TRIUMPH CYCLE CO. from Coventry / GB founded a bicycle factory
DEUTSCHE TRIUMPH FAHRRADWERKE in Nuernberg.  In 1907 a typewriter was
produced: »NORICA«.  In 1910 it was re-designed and became as  »TRIUMPH«
one of the best known typewriters in Germany.  After WWII Max GRUNDIG was
share holder of TRIUMPH and bought ADLER WERKE, an other typewriter
manufacturer, and combined the two companies to form TRIUMPH-ADLER. This
company produced office machines only.  The  »TIPPA«  won a  »Gold Medal«
in Milan in 1960 and was classified as the best flat portable of the time.
In 1968 the TRIUMPH-ADLER was bought from LITTON / USA  (the LITTON logo
is also on the typewriter).  In 1979 LITTON sold the company back to
VOLKSWAGEN, Germany.  Since 1994 TRIUMPH-ADLER is share-holded by banks
and is dealing in all facets of "Document Business".

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