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( 10-Block-Keyboard, ArtDeco )
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TECHNICAL DATA       of the Mechanical Printing-Calculator  VICTOR
                     »ArtDeco«   ( Newer Version )             8/9

Serial Number:       793786C       Bakelite Cover
                     (Red characters on the green switches !)

Dimensions:   (ca.)  Width   =   8_3/4 " /  22 cm
                     Depth   =  12_1/2 " /  32 cm
                     Height  =   7     " /  18 cm

Weight:       (ca.)  12 lbs  /  5.5 kg

Mechanics:           Serial-to-parallel Conversion,

                     Black Nylon Ribbon:
                     5/16" * 20'  /  8 mm * 6 m
                     Paper Roll (Standard):
                     2_1/4" * 2_3/4" * 165'  (W * D * L)
                     57 mm  * 65 mm  * 50 m  (B * D * L)

Functions:           Add, Subtract,
                     Repeat, Subtotal, Total

Registers:           Input       =   8 Decimals
                     Arithmetic  =   9 Decimals
                     Printing    =  11 Characters
                     VICTOR Adding Machine Co.
                     Chicago / USA

H O W   T O   U S E    the  VICTOR

The actual number of digits entered shows on the slot above the
keyboard. If wrong digits are entered, pull the left slider to
clear the keyboard.

Everytime a number is entered and the handle is pulled, the number
is printed and added to memory.

To enter the same number more than once, set the top-left green
switch to [R] before pulling the handle. The keyboard will not be
cleared after releasing the handle.

To enter a negative number, set the top-left green switch to [-]
before pulling the handle. Because [R]&[-] are on the same switch,
it is not possible to repeat negative numbers.

The cumulated sum will be printed when the top-right green switch
is held at [S] before pulling the handle. The memory will hold the
actual sum after releasing the handle.

The total sum will be printed when the top-right green switch is
held at [T] before pulling the handle. The memory will be cleared
after releasing the handle.


o  Press the axle on both ends and lift the paper roll.
o  If necessary push the upper-right lever behind the rear paper
   slot to release and pull out the paper.
o  Put the axle into the new paper roll so that the paper end
   comes from bottom.
o  Push the upper-right lever to release the paper feeder and push
   the paper end into the rear slot until it can be seen in the
   front window.
o  Place the paper roll into holder by slightly pressing the axle
   on both ends.
o  Tighten the paper roll.
o  Pull the handle more times until the paper is easy to grip.
o  Push the upper-right lever and adjust the paper in the window.


(A) Remove the Paper Roll
    <see above>
(B) Remove the Cover
    o  Pull out the handle.
    o  Shift the two levers under the case foreward.
    o  Lift the cover.
    o  Observe how the ribbon is spooled !!!
     ( on  b o t h  spooles clockwise )
(C) Change the Ribbon
(D) Put Back the Cover
    Perform the steps in reverse order.
(E) Place the Paper Roll
    <see above>

PRINTOUT - Example                 with Comments:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   To clear memory:
|          .00 T   |   Set [T=Total], Pull handle
|                  |
|                  |                    < Max.Input = 8 decimals >
|   876,543.21     |   Enter (1st) number, Pull handle
|   987,654.32     |   Enter (2nd) number, Pull handle
| 1,864,197.53 S   |   Set [S=Subtotal] to print sum, Pull handle
|                  |
|         1.23 -   |   Set [-], Enter (neg.)number, Pull handle
| 1,864,196.30 S   |   Set [S] to print cumulated sum, Pull handle
|                  |
|         4.56     |   Set [R=Repeat], Enter number, Pull handle
|         4.56     |   Release [R], Pull handle
| 1,864,205.42 T   |   Set [T] to print total sum, Pull handle
|                  |                   < Max.Output = 9 decimals >
|                  |
|          .00 T   |   Memory is clear
|                  |
|        12.00     |   Enter number
|        24.00 -   |   Enter (larger negative) number
|        12.00 T C |   Negative sum = C = Credit
|                  |

R E M A R K S :   How to get a NEW RIBBON for this old machine ???
There are cartridges for MATRIX-Printers on the market with 8 mm
NYLON-Ribbons. Check the cartridge before buying because there are
several available with different lengths.  In some cases you can
get 3 spools out of one cartridge!  You will get your fingers
dirty when you do the respooling - but the result is great!

© C.HAMANN   01/13/07