INSIDE A TOUCH TONE  LED  »TRIMLINE«   WesternElectric / USA (1979)
The keys are illuminated via the telephone line by a LED inside the
Keyboard-Box. I got this  » TRIMLINE «  because its dialing was not
working right.  I took the telephone apart and found: The COLUMN- &
ROW-CONTACTS on sides of the  KEYBOARD-BOX  were oxidized & failed.
Application of an  ELECTRONIC-CONTACT-SPRAY  made it working again! 

R E M A R K S :
To open the BASE, remove the NUMBER-PLATE and unscrew the TOP-PART.
You see the Main-Switch & Mini-Bell.  Open the HAND-SET by removing
its NUMBER-PLATE to get access to  2 SCREWS  holding the COVER. The
picture shows the  FLEXIBLE PRINT-BOARD  in the mirror. Contacts to
Keyboard, Transmitter & Receiver  are made by  5 +2 +2 SCREWS.  The
4 SCREWS on the edges are holding the INNER BASE UNIT in place.
On the FLEXIBLE PRINT-BOARD is to read:  1016B NET WE / 6-79

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