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Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Hansjörg Mixdorff
Beuth-Hochschule für Technik Berlin
(University of Applied Sciences)
FB Informatik und Medien
Multimediatechnik (Audio/Video) / Technische Sprachverarbeitung
Email: mixdorff@bht-berlin.de


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Bio - Prof. Dr. Mixdorff

Curriculum Vitae

Date and Place of Birth:
28 March 1964, Berlin

Career History


Technical University Berlin, studies of electrical engineering.
Graduated, specialized in software engineering, digital speech processing and radio-frequency engineering.
Free University Berlin, studies of Japanese, Chinese and phonetics.
January 1993
Granted a two-years'-post-graduate scholarship by the Japanese Ministery of Education and the German Academic Exchange Agency (DAAD).
April-September 1993
Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Japanese language course.
October 1993-April 1995
Science University of Tokyo with Prof. Fujisaki model, studies in German and Japanese intonation, analysis of F0 contours.
June 1996
Granted a two-years' funding for a research project on prosodic control in speech synthesis by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) at TU Dresden.
May 1998
D. Eng. in Electrical Engineering at TU Dresden. Supervisors: Prof. Rüdiger Hoffmann (TU Dresden), Prof. Hiroya Fujisaki model (Science University of Tokyo), Prof. Eberhard Stock (Halle University).
January-March 1999
Short-term research project in alphabet recognition at Taiwan's National Chiao Tung University with Prof. Sin-Horng Chen.
January 2000-March 2001
DFG-post-doc fellow, working on prosody modeling, post-doc thesis
Supervisors: Prof. Rüdiger Hoffmann (TU Dresden), Prof. Hiroya Fujisaki model (Prof. emeritus University of Tokyo), Prof. John Local (The University of York).
February/March 2002
DAAD short-term lecturer and researcher at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand with Prof. Sudaporn Luksaneeyanawin.
July 2002
D. Eng. habilitatus ("post-doc") at TU Dresden.
March 2003
JSPS scholar at the University of Tokyo with Prof. Keikichi Hirose.

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Working student with AEG-Sendertechnik, Berlin. Computer simulation of shortwave antennas, software development.
Student assistant in the interdisciplinary research project "Real time visualization of speech for the hearing impaired", Institute for Communication Science, Technical University of Berlin. Duties included hard- and software development for speech processing purposes.
April-September 1990
Development engineer with Telefunken-Sendertechnik (former AEG). Design of shortwave antennas and networks, software development.
October 1990-March 1993
Research engineer (part time) in the successor project to "Real time visualization of speech...". Duties included development and testing of a real time pitch extractor/ spectrum analyzer and various other software tools for speech processing purposes.
November 1995-December 1997
Research engineer with TELES AG, Berlin. Development of speech technology (speech recognition / synthesis) for telephony applications, head of speech processing group.
January 1998-December 1999
Product Manager for software usability and speech integration.
November 1996-October 1998
Research assistant in the DFG-funded project "Prosodic control in Speech Synthesis" at TU Dresden.
April 1999-March 2001
Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences (BHT) Berlin in Digital Signal Processing.
since April 2001
Professor of Digital AV-Processing, Speech Communication, at BHT Berlin - University of Applied Sciences.

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Further skills and interests

German (mother tongue), English (fluent spoken and written), French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Thai (all fluent spoken).

Music (listening, playing and writing), cinema, literature, history, politics, foreign language teaching, sports (swimming, badminton, fitness).

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