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» FIVEWIN «  BRYAN SLOT MACHINES  Kegworth, Derbyshire (England) (1953)
Weight = 35 lbs ; 16 kg                                       ID = 3359

W = 20" ; 51 cm         D = 6_1/4" ; 16 cm          H = 31_1/2" ; 78 cm

Luck with spinning wheel slot machines, like the  PACE,  is random. But
PINBALL  slot machines give skilled operators "control" how powerful to
shoot the ball to make a "win".

This BRYAN came in a rare wooden case. When a  5 CENT COIN  is entered,
a STEEL BALL is placed in front of the "GUN" (right). When the "GUN" is
pulled with the right tension,  the ball will  spin  around the  SPIRAL
TRACKS and fall in one of the  7  SLOTS:

                  LOST - 4 - 2 - 6 - 2 - 4 - LOST

When the ball is fallen into  a WINNING SLOT,  the left SILVER KNOB has
to be turned clockwise  to get the PAYOUT.

Interesting:  With every payout the "gun's" tension get changed!

H I S T O R I C A L   R E M A R K S
                          quoted from:

William Edward Bryan  was born in 1894, and opened up his  slot machine
factory at  Kegworth, Derbyshire (England) in 1920.  He had served  his
apprenticeship with  Rolls Royce  and worked as a motor mechanic in his
own garage.  The local showmen  would bring their slot machines  to his
garage for him to repair.  He became fascinated  by these slot machines
and  was convinced  that he could design  better  and more reliable ...
Bryan  was a  mechanical genius,  who invented  48 different  amusement
machine designs, and patented  many improvements ...   He died in 1984.

               ( See much more DETAILS in BRYANS interesting WebSite !)

Have a look inside the SLOT MACHINE ...


       ... The steel ball on the middle-right is a spare one in a cage.

We got the machine in not-working condition. After four hours cleaning,
benting, ... oiling, tuning we have now a lot of fun with it, trying to
become "Skilled Operators".

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