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Have a look inside the SLOT MACHINE ...
» DELUXE CHROME BELL «     PACE Mfg. Chicago, Illinois / USA    (1946)
                                       ID = 65567  &  SS7230 = Machine

It has a die-cast aluminum front with stainless steel sheets on sides,
mounted on a wooden frame. The SM came complete with all its parts ...


... The STAR on the left side means "1946"     Weight = 88 lbs ; 40 kg

W = 17_1/2" ; 45 cm         D = 15_1/2" ; 39 cm        H = 24" ; 61 cm

An unusual PAY-Scheme:  1 CHERRY on the LEFT WHEEL  ==>>  PAYS 2 COINS

MECHANISM STATISTICS                    quoted from ( page 76/77 ) ...
D.L.MEAD & D.R.MEAD   » Owner's Pictural Guide ... Bell Slot Machine «
                                                    ISBN 0-934422-03-6
If the reel assembly is clean and properly lubricated, the three reels
should spin randomly, independently of one another.  In this case, the
statistical payout of the slot machine is determined by the symbols on
the reel strips,  the winning combinations,  and  the amount  of coins
paid out for these winning combinations ...
To compute the  total number  of combinations  possible,  multiply the
number of symbols on the first reel times the number of symbols on the
second reel times the number of symbols on the third reel. For a three
reel, twenty-stop slot machine, such as this one,  the total number of
combinations possible is  20 x 20 x 20  =  8,000.
To compute the number of winning combinations possible  and ultimately
the percentage of coins returned to the player ...

... there are 6,340 coins returned for every 8,000 played ... = 79.25%

      based on the book of  M.Fey  » Slot Machines «  ( 5th ed. 1997 )

Edwin W.Pace got his start in slot machines working as a road salesman
before opening his own company, the  »Chicage Slot Machine Exchange«,
which became the country's larged used slot dealer.  In 1926 Pace
purchased Skelly Mfg., a small Chicago producer of "Bell Slots".  He
continued building the same machine with a rotary escalator which was
to become a Pace trademark. In 1932 when he introduced the famous twin
jackpot  »COMET«-Line, the PAGE company became a major competitor for
the "Big 5" slot machine manufacturer  CAILLE,  FEY,  JENNINGS,  MILLS
& WATLING.  This PAGE » DELUXE CHROME BELL « is one of its followers.

The HISTORY of the  ups-and-downs  of the slot machines market is well
described  with lots of pictures in FEY's book - SOURCE & FUN - A must
to read !!!
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