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                                                                SN = 475806

W*D*H = 16"/41 cm ;  15"/38 cm ;  H = 26"/66 cm ;   Weight = 99 lbs / 45 kg

It has a die-cast aluminum front & wooden case - All original preserved !!!
The MILLS from the rear with the back door removed ...


For  MAINTENANCE  the   » OWNER'S PICTURAL GUIDE «  ready  to be  used ...

Robert N.Geddes & Daniel R.Mead »Mills Bell Slot Machine«, Mead Publishing;
                                                         ISBN 0-934422-03-6
... and needed:  The JackPot was locked and had to be taken out for repair.
As stated in the book:  One of its screws is barely accessible and requires
a 12-Inch long SCREWDRIVER ...

... and lot of patience. Visible is the "Main JackPot". A "Reserve JackPot"
is invisible above !! The winning pattern "#/#/#" release the Main JackPot.
The next play  closes the  Main JackPot  and release the  Reserve JackPot's
coins  into the  visible  Main JackPot  to present a "desirable"  amount of
coins to the next player.  It is the addition of the  Reserve JackPot  that
greatly complicates  the structure of this mechanism  and is prone to fail.
Reserve Deflection Plate (A)

Reserve Jackpot (B)

Main Jackpot Deflection Plate (C)

Main Jackpot (D)

Back Chute to CashBox (E)

adapted from:
Fig.10.9/p.105  G.& M./»O.P.G.«
This MILLS »CHERRY BELL« is slightly different from the model in the book -
but "THANKS!" to the good explanations and pictures:  All problems could be
fixed: (1st) MISSING SPRING on "Reserve JackPot Plate", (2nd) BENT "Reserve
JackPot Deflection Plate", (3rd) WRONG MOUNTED COUNTER-LEVER  for the "Main
JackPot Deflection Plate", (4th) Cleaning & Oiling ...  Now it works - WOW!

In Dec. 2020 new problems had to be solved ...          PostScript

H I S T O R I C A L   R E M A R K S :
           based on the book of  M.Fey  » Slot Machines «  ( 5th ed. 1997 )

MILLS COIN MACHINES  started with  Mortimer Birdsul Mills' 1891 patent of a
coin operated cigar vender.  The PAU-PAU, the KLONDYKE and the OWL followed
and in 1897 his son Herbert S. Mills  took over his father's business.  The
MILLS NOVELTY  grew rapidly selling slot machines worldwide - remaining the
largest manufacturer for six decades.  After the death of H.S.Mills in 1929
his four sons  Fred, Hayden, Herb Jr. & Ralph took over the company.

The  HISTORY  of the  ups-and-downs  of the  slot machines market  is  well
described  with lots of pictures  in FEY's book  -  A must to read !!!

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