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Have a look at the OLDER VERSION...

W*D*H = 9_3/4" * 8_1/4" * 3_1/2"   Weight (ca.) = 4_2/3 lbs = 2.1 kg
      = 25 cm * 21 cm * 9 cm                            SN  =  42787
T H A L E S - W E R K       Rastatt / Baden      Germany      (1960)

                   Historical Remarks ...

The NEW VERION has a PLASTIC COVER ( Old = Metall ), a LEFT LEVER to
clear the Arithmetic Unit ( Old = Wheel ),  MAIN LEVER on right side
( Old = left/right choice ) and  NO COUNTER.

HOW  TO    A D D   &   S U B T R A C T    with  this   THALES   »KA«
Pushing down the left RED LEVER clears the ARITHMETIC UNIT. Pressing
the big  SILVER KEY  clears the INPUT UNIT.  The right  LEVER ON TOP
should be switched backward by default. The  LEVER  right beside the
keyboard should be switched foreward to [+] by default.

When an INPUT-KEY, ( eg. [7] ) is pressed,  the  whole column  below
[6] ... [1]  switches too!  Under the KEYBOARD  this column  forms a
BAR with ( eg. 7 ) TEETH.  Pressing the  right MAIN LEVER  down, let
the arithmetic unit SLIDE UNDER THE KEYBOARD  to add the input value
to the content of the arithmetic unit - Releasing the main lever let
the arithmetic unit slide back to front and shows the actual content
in its DISPLAY WINDOWS - The input unit will be cleared.

For  REPEATED INPUT VALUES, the LEVER ON TOP  has to be set to [R] -
the keyboard will  not be cleared after operation.  For  SUBTRACTION
the LEVER RIGHT BESIDE THE KEYBOARD has to be set to [-]  before the
MAIN LEVER is pulled down.

R E M A R K S   T O   R E S T O R A T I O N :
The RUBBER FEET  have lost their elasticity and its metal posts have
touched the floor.  Because all are fixed with rivets, the "Scratch-
Problem" was solved by LEATHER PATCHES glued under ...

.. The  PLASTIC COVER  had CRACKS around the SCREW-HOLES. To prevent
further damage, a SUPPORT out of CATFOOD-CAN was glued underneath.

© C.HAMANN        07/02/13