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MONROmatic  CAA-10

     How to open the MONROmatic for Repair & Maintenance...

TECHNICAL DATA of the Full-Motorized Electro-Mechanical Calculator
                                                 MONROmatic CAA-10
Serial Number:       584034

Dimensions:   (ca.)  Width   =  13_1/2" /  34 cm
                     Depth   =  11    " /  28 cm
                     Height  =   8    " /  20 cm

Weight:       (ca.)  24 lbs  /  11 kg

Power Supply:        220 V / 200 W  ( grounded, AC / DC )

Mechanics:           10*10 Full-Keyboard
                     Split-Stepped Drum / Geteilte Staffelwalze

Functions:           Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide
                     Full-motorized Arithmetic!

Registers:           Input                 =  10 Decimals
                     Upper Register        =  10 Decimals
                     Main Register         =  20 Decimals
                     Multiplier Register   =  10 Decimals
                     MONROE Calculating Machine Co.
                     Orange, New Jersey / USA

H O W   T O   U S E    the  MONROE CAA-10

                     OPERATING CONTROLS

1 Upper Dials Lock              9 Accumulative Multiply Key
2 Lower Dials Lock             10 Negative Multiply Key
3 Change Lever                 11 Divide Key
4 Change Lever Lock            12 Stop Key
5 Multiplier Set-Up Dials      13 Clear Keys
6 Constant Multiplier Lever    14 Dividend Tab Key
7 Set-Up and Squaring Key      15 Transfer Slide
8 Clear, Return,               16 Transfer Lever
  and Multiply Key             17 Tab Stop Keys

  ===>>>  Have a look at the "MONROmatic" Manual !  <<<===

The lower knob (2), which controls the lower dials, has three
positions: When all the way in, the lower dials can be cleared
and when pulled all the way out the lower dials are locked against
clearance. When the knob is in the third or half-way position, the
lower dials are split into two sections so that those on the right
are locked against clearance while the dials on the left can be
cleared. The upper knob (1) has only two positions and controls
the upper dials accordingly.

REMARK (1) to the 10s-Carry of the Arithmetic Unit in the CAA-10:
10s-carry is processed together with the body underneath. Because
the CAA-10 has an extension on the left side under the carriage,
there IS 10s-CARRY FOR ALL 20 DIGITS when the carriage is in its
leftmost position! ( In contrary to the CSA-10 and CSAE-10 )

REMARK (2) to the BOOKS in the background behind the machine:
[MO10]  Instructions for operating the MONROmatic CAA-10
[MO19]  Service Manual for the CAA-10 ( MONROE BULLETIN 440-D )
[MO05]  Parts Catalog for the MONROmatic CAA-10

They are Photo-Reprints from Ernie Jorgenson at
OFFICE MACHINE AMERICANA 1740 Birch Ave, Lewiston, Idaho 83501 USA

REMARK (3) In October 2013,  after 10 years  of reliable work in
this collection, the machine "died" with strange noises & smoke.

Assumption was: The burned-out motor had to be replaced ...

      How to open the MONROmatic for Repair & Maintenance...

... With effords to dismount the motor, it was found, that only the
CENTRAL-CONTACT of the  SPEED-CONTROLLER  was worn-out. Adjustment,
assembling and hours of ("trial-and-error") tuning:  The » CAA-10 «
started working again ...

      Inside views of the BASIC STATUS ...

© C.HAMANN    11/27/13