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R E M A R K S   to the Restoration Procedure:
 o  The axle of the INPUT DISPLAY was lubricated (?) with motor oil.
    This tar-like substance was aggressive and expanded the plastic of the
    display wheels: It was a long procedure to separate wheels and
    axle - and all hubs needed special care with a needle file ...
 o  The CRANK BLOCKING had three reasons:
    (a) COUNTER DELETE was incorrectly assembled
    (b) SPRING in CRANK HANDLE was broken, LOCKING BOLT FORCE too low
    (c) FRICTION in the CARRIER SHIFT LOCK (bottom) was too high ...
 o  RUBBER FEET were detoriated; new ones were made out of TUB STOPPERS;
    Their LOCKING MECHANISM was made out of PAPER CLIPS ...
 o  Many FIGURES needed restoration with a super-fine black marker ...

    (a) Reset all registers
    (b) Remove the right lock-block on the bottom of the carrier
    (c) Shift the carrier to the left side

Suggestion  for  a   T E S T   P R O C E D U R E 
    ( from Andreas Graebe, TFH/PST-Lab )

    265371653 * 29309 = 7777777777777

An Exercise for "Shortened Method of Multiplication":  9 Crank Turns only!

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