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W = 6_1/2"; 16 cm   D = 6"; 15 cm   H = 8_3/4"; 22 cm   5_1/4 lbs; 2.4 kg

Have a look inside ...


This Slot Machine Saving Bank »BUCKAROO« came as a souvenir from LasVegas
in Nevada / USA and was made around 1970. It has a  die-cast  metal front
and a plastic housing.  IT IS A TOY (!), but the inner mechanic is "real"
and works great:  When the ( solid metal ) handle is pulled, the 3 wheels
spin ( also without a coin )  and when a  "Winning Pattern" (e.g. 7-7-7 )
occurs, the whole "JackPot" will be released.  There are two compartments
for the coins: When a coin is inserted parallel to the face, it goes into
the "JackPot".  When the coin is inserted  "rectangular",  it goes in the
"Saving Deposit".  The  SAVING DEPOSIT  can be opened from the back side:
SHIFT THE HOLE in the LOCK (e.g. with a Mini-ScrewDriver) to the left ...


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