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W = 8_1/2" ; 22 cm    D = 7" ; 18 cm    H = 11" ; 28 cm     9 lbs ; 4kg

This Slot Machine Saving Bank  »BONANZA«  came from Reno / LakeTahoe in
Nevada / USA  and was made around 1970.  It has a  die-cast metal front
and a metal housing.  IT IS A TOY (!), but the inner mechanic is "real"
and works great:  When the (solid metal) handle is pulled, the 4 wheels
spin (also without a coin) and when a "Winning Pattern" (e.g. 7-7-7-7 )
occurs, the whole "JackPot" will be released.  If you need the money in
a hurry, you have to push the little button left of the acrylic window.

Have a look inside ...


The Book  » SLOT MACHINES «  is written by  M.Fey,  a grandson of the
inventor Charlie Fey,  who started a billion dollar industry ...

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