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                                                                SN = 475806

W*D*H = 16"/41 cm ;  15"/38 cm ;  H = 26"/66 cm ;   Weight = 99 lbs / 45 kg

It has a die-cast aluminum front & wooden case - All original preserved !!!
The MILLS from the rear with the back door removed ...


For  MAINTENANCE  the   » OWNER'S PICTURAL GUIDE «  ready  to be  used ...

Robert N.Geddes & Daniel R.Mead »Mills Bell Slot Machine«, Mead Publishing;

... and needed:  The JackPot was locked and had to be taken out for repair.
As stated in the book:  One of its screws is barely accessible and requires
a 12-Inch long SCREWDRIVER ...

... and lot of patience. Visible is the "Main JackPot". A "Reserve JackPot"
is invisible above !! The winning pattern "#/#/#" release the Main JackPot.
The next play  closes the  Main JackPot  and release the  Reserve JackPot's
coins  into the  visible  Main JackPot  to present a "desirable"  amount of
coins to the next player.  It is the addition of the  Reserve JackPot  that
greatly complicates  the structure of this mechanism  and is prone to fail.

" T H A N K S ! "  to the good explanations & pictures:  All problems could
be fixed:  (1) MISSING SPRING on "Reserve JackPot Plate", (2) BENT "Reserve
JackPot Deflection Plate",  (3) WRONG(!)MOUNTED COUNTER-LEVER for the "Main
JackPot Deflection Plate",  (4) Cleaning & Oiling  ...  Now it works - WOW!

H I S T O R I C A L   R E M A R K S :
           based on the book of  M.Fey  » Slot Machines «  ( 5th ed. 1997 )

MILLS COIN MACHINES  started with  Mortimer Birdsul Mills' 1891 patent of a
coin operated cigar vender.  The PAU-PAU, the KLONDYKE and the OWL followed
and in 1897 his son Herbert S. Mills  took over his father's business.  The
MILLS NOVELTY  grew rapidly selling slot machines worldwide - remaining the
largest manufacturer for six decades.  After the death of H.S.Mills in 1929
his four sons  Fred, Hayden, Herb Jr. & Ralph took over the company.

The  HISTORY  of the  ups-and-downs  of the  slot machines market  is  well
described  with lots of pictures  in FEY's book  -  A must to read !!!

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