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INDUSTRIAL ROTARY DIAL WALL-PHONE  =R=F=T= / VEB Apparatebau Caputh (1961)
Betrieb d. VEB Kombinat Nachrichtenelektronik Leipzig        TYP » IFT/W «

Ref. to "PRUEFKARTE", found inside the telephone ...


The wall-phone has a good looking die-cast aluminum housing  with  hammer-
tone silver-gray color.  It works well  today too  -  especially  when the
power is off ...
                     Have a look at the »IFT/W« WIRE DIAGRAM ...

=R=F=T=  (= "Rundfunk- und Fernmelde-Technik" )  was  the  L O G O  of the
association  of  different  manufacturers  in the  field of  communication
technology in the former ( East- ) "German Democratic Republic" (= GDR ).

                     Historical Remarks ...
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