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=R=F=T=   » W61 «   DIAL  TELEPHONE

» W61 «  ROTARY DIAL TELEPHONE   =R=F=T= / GDR (East-)Germany   (1961)
                               Have a look at the  »W61«  WIRE DIAGRAM

Works well today too - especially when the power is off  ...

=R=F=T=  (= "Rundfunk- u. Fernmelde-Technik") was the  L O G O  of the
association  of different  manufacturer  in the field of communication
technology in the former (East-) "German Democratic Republic" (= GDR).

It would be nothing special with this DDR-Telefon, when I not had made
a "STRANGE DISCOVERY" in the '60s ...

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                      Historical Remarks ...
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